Unleash your creative energy through a daily routine of breathing and body exercise!

Following our blog post on “How we actually think with our bodies”, what is the daily routine you will put in place to unlock your creative potential, regain the dynamism you might be missing and make your decision-making sounder?

Yoga Pose
What exercise do you do to get creativity and focus?

Everybody will figure out what his/her won routine should be. Behold, I will share my current secret routine. It takes me 5 minutes every morning. 5 short and very worthwhile minutes that bring me incredible energy and positivity before starting the day.

I am just doing several times 3 yoga movements I learnt from Dominique Lonchant, a breathing yoga master in one of his workshops (his website is OnLineBreathing.com¬†and he has also some books (in French) available). The first movements empty fully my lungs and the last movement fills them completely, creating a burst of energy. Then I do some active movements to get the heart starting a bit. That’s it!

In addition during the day I try more and more to do some conscious breathing from time to time to take some distance from the events.

Whatever your routine will be, you need to unlock your mind’s potential through some routine posture and body exercises. Find your way, it will change your life. When will you be starting?