Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

So many self-development books speak about “finding ourselves”! Is that really true? Do we have an innate ourselves that we need to seek through some layers of junk accumulated throughout the years?

Life is about creating yourself!This is a wrong concept. Life is about creating ourselves. Life is about building something – us. Life is about growth, change, finding the synergy between ourselves and our environment.

Life is about the choice we can make to become what we want to be, how we want to behave. The choice to give out to the world the effect of some of our incredible talents.

And isn’t it much more enticing to consider that we can make our life a life of building something unique, great, rather than just trying to figure out how we were made? Stop looking to the past for innate talents. Look into the future and grow. It is worth every minute of it.

  • Nadia

    In-deed life shouldn’t be a retrospection of what have we
    done in the past! Spending time looking for ourselves to repair something that appear
    to have gone wrong – is somehow pointless! No one need to repair anything that has happen, if it happened it
    couldn’t be otherwise – we might as well accept it. Experiences happens
    weather we learn something about it or not is not controllable! Sometime we do
    learn something about our experience and sometime we don’t, it’s like gambling.

    Creating yourself and anticipating what could be our future
    can also lead you to be disappointed if what you believe you work toward never
    comes up. For some people it stay at a belief level, for others it start manifesting but will not continue and for some it might
    materialise. Life is about change, it is a
    perpetual movement that is all the time, every second and every breath creating
    something new, there is no such thing as
    repetition everything is unique and brand new.

    So in a way, yes life is about creating, not necessary
    creating yourself but it is the awareness of the creating force in each and everyone
    of us – that the possibility to change is always available as it is part of the
    mechanism of life and living.

    • Hi Nadia,
      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. It is a fine line between being just moved around by events and shaping them. I still believe it is possible to decide to move in a certain direction even if on the way, some of the bumps might not be entirely predictable, and even if somehow we figure out it might be better to change our goal…
      Let’s embrace change for sure and shape it to become what we want!