How to, and Why Foster our Enthusiasm

According to Churchill, keeping enthusiasm when moving from failure to failure is the key to success. According to Emerson, “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm“. What happens here?

Nothing GREAT was ever achieved without enthusiasmEnthusiasm, etymologically, means ‘inspired by the Gods‘, or even ‘possessed by the Gods‘. It described a quasi-divine state of excitement and zeal. It describes an energy that we can’t really explain, due to an attraction to an idea, a goal, a calling.

Can you foster enthusiasm? Do you need to wait for that Divine spark and energy? What can you do kindle your enthusiasm?

I believe that we can certainly work to improve our enthusiasm and excitement and do not need to wait for divine inspiration. It is certainly the key to much action and realization. We need to foster it and grow it within us.

How can we do that? By caring about our enthusiasm and helping it grow, notwithstanding ‘failures’ and ‘successes’. What counts is the journey, and how enthusiastically we discover more of the world around us and how we can influence it.

Kindle you enthusiasm, you need it; and we need it!