10 Best Posts of the Fourth Revolution Blog in 2012

We are making a break for two weeks , taking time to discover New Zealand in a campervan with the family – probably very much disconnected from the internet! I hope you’ll enjoy the festive season and you’ll take time to recover energy for an exciting year 2013.

The Fourth Revolution Book cover
The Fourth Revolution Book cover

The most commented or visited blog posts of the year have been:

What would you do if you were not afraid?

Can we really fail?

When is failure an option?

When you most feel like giving up.. what should you do?

Kevin Kelly on the next 5,000 days of the web (VIDEO)

Social Product Creation: Quirky, the collaborative invention unleashed! (with VIDEO)

Leadership is about dealing with conflict

The 5 career things I did believe, but I don’t believe any more

The way you receive feedback tells more about you than the feedback itself

Crowdfunding is not charity, and it is not free!

Enjoy your holiday! We’ll be back on January 5th!