Why You Should Leave Your Ideas Grow Before Exposing Them

After you plant a seed in the ground you don’t dig it up every week to see how it is doing” – William Coyne, former 3M executive, quoted in “Weird Ideas that Work” by Robert Sutton.

planting seedThis sentence was used in the context of creativity: when you’re planting a seed for a new product or a new idea, leave itĀ undisturbedĀ for a while to grow! It is the seedling that is the most fragile phase and needs to be protected.

For example, make sure creative teams operate outside the rush of the corporate world; or on a personal note, make sure that you give time for an idea to grow a bit before exposing it to the harshness of the world.

Because any new idea is just a fragile air draft that can disappear instantly. Because new ideas are precious and need time to grow and develop.

How well are you protecting your new ideas to let them grow enough to face the world?