How Well Are You Using Your Own Safety Net?

Following on the Safety Net Conundrum, now at the individual level, how well are you really using the safety net you actually have? This safety net includes family and friends, social security and all other social protection institutions, your professional network, etc.

In my coaching assignments I often find that people:

  • underestimate the extent of their current safety nets and of the protection is gives them;
  • underestimate the extent of (measured) risk they could take based on this actual protection;
  • effectively often focus on trying to keep or increase the protection level they benefit from rather than using that protection to try new things.
Why are so few trying to fly above their safety net?
Why are so few trying to fly above their safety net?

Yes, most of us could try something really outside of our comfort zone and in the worst case still land safely in our extended safety net, with little or no consequences. So why are so few trying it?

With or without safety net, jumping in the unknown triggers all sorts of fear reactions. It takes a conscious effort to use the safety net as a reason to try it. The question: “What is the worst that can happen?” is extremely powerful in that sense.

Inventory the extent of your safety net. You will be surprised by its extent. You will realize that you can try new things outside your comfort zone. At the moment where your “lizard brain” will kick-in with all sorts of excuses, ask yourself: “What is the worst that can happen?“. Then, go and do it!