How we can really identify important information

We still identify important information through personal contacts (or even, get the information through these contacts) – and this will continue. Faceless social networks will not replace the amount of information filtering through personal trust. Internet will not replace personal networks built over time and patience.

social word of mouth in action
Nothing will replace personal networks as a source of worthy information

While our information environment has grown to the point of being inaudible, we try to filter it, and we do that by leveraging on our network. We look at those links and materials shared by our known contacts with much more interest and focus. We ask our relations to help us in finding the right answer to our needs.

Some marketers are trying to leverage this observation into a technique, like Andy Sernowitz and “word of mouth marketing“.

Fourth Revolution’s social networks allow us to draw much quicker and easier on our community of relations, and get to the information efficiently and remotely. Yet it does not mean that we would believe social networks members we would not know personally, or with which we would not have developed a relationship through consistent exchange over time.

Do you leverage enough your network community to filter out important information or to get informed of things that are important to you? What could you do to make it more effective?