How 3D-Printing Is Redefining our World Quicker than We Imagine

You will not have missed a few events that shook the news in the past few weeks and which are related to 3D printing, a new Fourth Revolution manufacturing technology (refer to our post on POD (print-on-demand) and 3-D printing):

  • the issues around 3D printing of guns and the availability of those drawings on the net to anyone, which by-passes all the weapons-control regulations that were based on conventional manufacturing traceability – see for example an Australian reaction here,
  • the fantastic rescue of a toddler with an artificial trachea that was 3D printed and will dissolve itself progressively as tissue will build around it (more on this here, here and here; the technique is not really new but always impressive: re-view also this great TED talk mentioned in our post Manufacturing Revolution reloaded: 3D printing of human organs is real!)

3dprintedLike every new invention we can see here, almost at the same time, the two sides of it – the most beautiful at the same time as the ugly, destructive side.

But for the moment, is there a better proof that this new distributed manufacturing technology starts to shake the world as Chris Anderson predicts in his latest “Makers” book?

Remember the time where computers were huge expensive machines and people thought the personal computer would never happen and never be found useful? If you are working in a manufacturing industry, you’d better beware of what is going to happen as manufacturing becomes personal and decentralized!