How Drone Hives Are Becoming a Reality

Did you think that hives of drones coming upon us to overcome our defenses were things from a Hollywood movie? It is becoming real and it has the potentiel to change significantly the battlefield. In particular because hives of drones do not require each drone to be individually controlled – this creates a lot of resilience to the technology.

minidroneSmall drone military usage is probably the new factor to be taken into account on the battlefield. There has been news of the Islamic State using small commercial drones carrying explosives (see for example ‘Pentagon confirms new threat from ISIS: exploding drones‘).

However one very impressive video is shown below, which is the usage of drone hives, still under development. Hives of small drones are dropped from fighter jets and then they behave like hives. The thing is that each drone is not individually piloted, the hive has a collective behavior with drones reacting to the others’ behavior. That’s really impressive, in particular the buzz of the drone hive homing in at the end of the video!