How Collaboration Is a Form of Competition

Collaboration is the keyword of the Collaborative Age. As a concept we often oppose Collaborative with Competition, with is more about us against the others. Does it need to be that way?

Collaboration-CompetitionIn a collaborative team, we do compete to give out our best. We compete against ourselves to contribute to the Cause.

Competition does not need to be egoistic in the sense of trying to gain at the expense of others. That’s an Industrial Age view of a world of limited supply that had to be split. The Collaborative Age is a world of plenty where we can create more.

We can thus compete with ourselves to create great performance, and leverage this performance in collaboration.

We know that competition is an approach that allows us to overcome our limits and create true achievements. Together with Collaboration, this creates results into the Collaborative Age.

Inspiration by a great post by Gapingvoid