How the Clustering of Knowledge Disrupts Our Institutions

In a well quoted Medium post ‘The Most Disruptive Transformation in History‘, Richard Florida makes the point that “the clustering of knowledge over physical labor? is among the most disruptive in recorded history“.

Is there light only where there is knowledge?

His analysis is mostly focused on the clear demarcation between rural and city votes and feel during the last US presidential elections. He interprets is as a geographical clustering of knowledge in cities and makes the point that power should be given back to the cities that would be the new driving political forces of the Collaborative Age.

I do not fully agree with this analysis of geographical clustering because it remains to be shown that knowledge concentrates geographically. There are strong diverging forces also at play, including internet access from anywhere and a certain trend at least in some countries for knowledge workers to work remotely and move back to the countryside.

At the same time, there is clearly clustering of knowledge among only a small part of the community, and at least in the virtual space. And this still does challenge our current institutions.