Why There Will be Less ‘Jobs’ in the Collaborative Age

Irrespective of whether the amount of work available will change (it might remain quite stable), the number of ‘jobs’ (meant as being an employee) will certainly decrease.

self-employmentSelf-employment is already dramatically on the rise in many countries for a while and it is I believe a trend that will remain.

Platforms that serve to link self-employed people and clients are also on the rise.

Self-employment is not always a choice: it is sometimes the only way to keep some activity and a lot of self-employed people work are forced to work part-time and at weird times too.

At the same time, self employment means more freedom and flexibility, and the possibility to have several concurring activities.

It is strange how the administrative organization of most developed countries are so tweaked to considering people as being employee of some organization. This creates all sorts of complications for the self-employed, or requires to create a company to become an employee of sorts.

The trend to self-employment is here to stay. Our institutions should change to cater for this situation and better protect those who work under this model.