What the Benefits of Self-Publishing Are

James Altucher has written an excellent post about the benefits of self-publishing in today’s world:  ‘Self-Publish The Bestseller Inside Of You: A How-To‘.

I believe all the points made in this post are worthy. I will just comment on a few:

  • Speed and control: from finishing the book to having it available in all e-bookshops globally: about 2 weeks. Of course interior design, cover design etc can take some time before. But it is much faster than any publishing route and this can be a great advantage.
  • A book is the new business card: in my businesses I do not give away brochures, I give away expert books that I have self-published. This immediately raises the recognition level of the person you are facing (and because of the implied value of a book they generally won’t bin it at the first occasion)

I would like to add one from our perspective: self-publishing also allows to produce specific, non commercial versions of our books that are customized for clients, or for testing ideas with a format that is nice to handle and give away. And this is a great help in some instance.

In summary, I am a great promoter of self-publishing and I believe this approach is definitely the way to go for anyone’s first book!