How we actually think with our bodies

While Industrial Age wanted to split our intellect from our bodies, it becomes more and more obvious today that we think with our bodies.

What does that mean? It means that our posture influences our retention of information and our decision-making. That our level of bodily energy influences greatly our view of situations through our emotions.

Here is a great demo of this effect by Peter Lovatt, a professional dancer turned psychologist, in the following video. If you don’t want to watch it whole, watch for a few minutes after 14′ for the demonstration of posture on decision-making.

Peter Lovatt on Good Moves from The School of Life on Vimeo.

No, our decision-making will not be the same depending on our body posture, tension and ventilation. Our creativity might not be the same depending on our body fitness. Did you notice that most creative people and most visionary executives also exercise a lot?

Valeria Maltoni in this post on “Mind and Body” shares some of her strategies using the body at the start or in the course of her facilitated workshops to get people into the right mindset.

Think about it. How does your posture influence positively or negatively your thinking, creativity and decision-making? Please share your experiences!