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About the Author


My name is Jeremie Averous

Born in 1972, French citizen, I am happily married with 3 young children. I currently live in Singapore.


I like to describe myself as a K.E.E.N, a Knowledge Enhancer Exchanging Networker, the typical member of the new international nomadic community.


After first careers as senior civil servant and senior executive, in 2011, I have taken the step to go on my own by creating a consulting company in the field of large, complex projects, named Project Value Delivery

( Projects are what the organizations of the Fourth Revolution are made of, and my ambition is to help organizations move effectively into the Fourth Revolution.

An engineer by initial training, I have been a senior executive in the French civil service in the field of nuclear safety, and have been senior adviser to the French Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development. Since then I have worked in the field of large construction projects, mainly in the oil & gas industry. I have lived and worked in various countries, hence an international outlook: France, USA, Chile, Germany, Malaysia and now Singapore.


I am keen on all innovative technologies in particular in the field of organizations leadership and management. I am a certified coach, as well as an experienced facilitator and trainer. I train high potentials in particular in interpersonal and personal soft skills.




What brought me to the Fourth Revolution concept

Intrigued by some changes of today's world, I have done some research and this has convinced me that the current times are not just normal changes, just a bit quicker than before.

It is a true step change, a real change in Civilization. This is why I believe the Fourth Revolution is a viewpoint useful to take, and to discuss.

Actually it is necessary to look at this Revolution in the eye and lean into the change rather than resist it.

Revolutions are periods of anxiety and uncertainty. But for those that are able to take them, they are also great times of opportunity. Let's shape the world as we wish it to be. Let's ourselves thrive through the Fourth Revolution.


More info about myself and my other projects

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