How the Fourth Revolution impacts… our furniture!

We don’t really realize it, but the change of our habits is starting to deeply impact our furniture and how we use our physical space.

ikea furniture
ikea furniture: how will it change with the Fourth Revolution?

For example, Ikea has realized that people will need less and less bookshelves as we increasingly read e-books. So they are currently changing the shape and functionality of their bookshelves. More details on how the Fourth Revolution impacts Ikea furniture on that link.

Let’s generalize: the Fourth Revolution is starting to deeply impact our physical environment. The ubiquity of digital communication will deeply change our home environment, but also our usual urban environment (soon to come: urban furniture like bus stops that will communicate with your mobile phone, and advertisement postings that recognize you).

That is going to be destabilizing, there will be trials and errors. Still, one thing is sure: our physical environment is going to be very different in say – 20 years time. Take some pictures today to remember how it was like!