You can only be flexible if you have choices: multiply your possible choices!

You can only be flexible if you have choices“. That’s a simple and deep thruth.

the choice of roads
which road do you choose?

And we know, through the law of requisite variety, that flexibility and adaptability means success.

So it all hangs on our choices. Sounds easy?

The point is, having choices or no is always subjective.

We often feel stuck, without choices, constrained.

That’s just a perception, a cognitive bias. More and more, choices are there, around us, multiple. They have been multiplied through the Fourth Revolution: for example, stay-at-home moms can create thriving businesses from their home through the internet!

We often can’t see our choices. But they are there. Do the exercise. Think out of the box, find 5 choices for your life you did not think about.

PS: on the photo, which way do you go? Myself, I won’t go left or right. Maybe straight in the middle. Or turn at a right angle from the trodden path. See. There are more choices than it seems!