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Fourth Revolution collaboration-related resources

Long distance Collaboration is the new value creation system of the world beyond the Fourth Revolution. Discover here some resources that help understand the new collaboration system

Here comes everybody - Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky is an associate professor at the New York University and a specialist of network effects. He has written an insightful book on long distance collaboration: 'Here Comes Everybody - How Change happens when people come together'.

Listen to Clay in one of his TED speeches 'how social media can make history' (2009):



An other book which is very inspiring about the power of collaboration is 'the wisdom of crowds' by Surowiecki. It goes in depth in examining how collaboration between individuals works, and how it improves with diversity. A very useful book.






ideavirus imageSeth Godin published in 2001 a great free e-book, 'unleashing the ideavirus'. It is accessible for download by clicking on the link or the image. The concept of the book is consistent from start to end. By making the e-book downloadable for free, Seth really unleashes an ideavirus!







The list would not be complete without mentioning 'the tipping point' by Malcolm Gladwell, an easy-to-read introduction to how networks work.






Free data

Another essential revolution happening today is the liberation of data. Data owned by governments become available and unpredicted applications follow. There are quite a lot of resources on this tremendous event, we have chosen two resources which are the most inspiring.

Tim Berners Lee, a pioneer of internet, in 2010 'the year open data went worldwide':

And listen to the statistician Hans Rosling. He helped setup a mind-changing portal to the world's statistics. It is called Gapminder.

Go and visit this site, and do all the experiments you want with the statistics. Share your insights with your friends ! Here is one of Hans Rosling videos - many others are to be found on!

(we hope you have looked at the video until the end, there is a surprise there :-))

The (R)evolution of the Web

Kevin Kelly on the next 5,000 days of the web. How the web will become a ONE machine and we will all be the ONE. How in 2040, the processing capability of the web will exceed the combined processing power of 6 billion individuals. And more insight about the tremendous changes that are happening in the world!

Four Principles for the Open World

VIDEO OF THE QUARTER: Revise your knowledge of the Fourth Revolution by watching this entertaining video by Don Tapscott that covers most of the basics (Don Tapscott is the author of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything and Macrowikinomics: New Solutions for a Connected Planet). It even speaks of the transition between Agricultural, Industrial and Collaborative Age!

Note how the younger generation are ‘natives’ of the collaborative Age while most of us are only explorers!

Collaborative Art

How to use collaboration to enhance our humanity. This TED talk looks like it is about visualizing data. In fact, it is about emotional collaboration! And creating stunning pieces of art!


Speaking, a first historical tool for collaboration - and its limits

The arising of speech talk by March Pagel on TED: how language changed humanity. This TED talk is about how the invention of speech transformed our collaboration modes.