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Fourth Revolution resources: Miscellaneous and gifts

This page contains some miscellaneous gifts and other inspiring links


management and leadership slides 

The following pdf document covers the topic of management and leadership in the new civilization. It is based on slides put together for a course on leadership and management, in the perspective of the new civilization. Click on the link (right click to save as), or the image on the right. Enjoy!

Alternatively, click on this link to the Scribd reader version of the document Management and Leadership in the new civilization


Useful statistics about today's world

A great video that summarizes the issues at stake with the Fourth Revolution. It's title is "Did you know?" and it puts together some stunning statistics about today's world.




Miscellaneous inspiring links

I like very much this great talk from Jill Taylor, a brain researcher who suffered herself a stroke. The insight in brain function is great, not to mention an almost flawless talk delivery with high emotional content. No doubt it had been rehearsed many times, but the moment is really great. Take the time to experience this, it might change your view on the world!


While this is only remotely connected to the Fourth Revolution topic, this is a sample of the modern insights of science into previously unknown characteristics of brain- and mind, and even possibly soul - operation.