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Fourth Revolution Organization related resources

The organization in the Collaborative Age will be significantly different from today's traditional view of a closed organization.

Some resources already cover important aspects of the future organization.


The book 'the future of work' by Thomas W. Malone, codirector of the MIT's initiative "inventing the organizations of the 21st century", is a good introduction to the organization of the future. The book is a bit scholarly and misses lively examples and inspiring stories. The book was also published in 2004, and misses a little bit the last developments in long distance collaboration. Overall, this book still provides a sound framework for the organization of the future, even if it could have been a bit more radical.



The book 'Mavericks at Work - why the most original minds in business win', by William C. Taylor and Polly Labarre, is an inspiring book about the future successful organizations, full of inspiring stories. A good addition to the 'future of work', more on the practical and anecdotic side.




Gary Hamel in his video "Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment" explains how management - and the organization - needs to now evolve from the fundamentals of the Industrial Age into the fundamentals of the Collaborative Age. Watch organization management change through the Fourth Revolution:


John Hagel in his video on the revolution in companies explains how management - and the organization - and our life - will change with the Fourth Revolution. Watch and understand how your life will change!




Shereef Bishay - Open Enterprise: Applying Open Source Principles to the way we Work - on the organization of the Collaborative Age is a real eye-opener on how conventional workplace is boring and how to transfer open-source software development organization into 'open enterprises'. Remember - conventional organizations are bust as a concept!